Workshop-Seminar: Covariance in Teleparallel Gravity


There were two sessions, with 4 hours per session, on the following dates (times are in EEST – Eastern European Summer Time):


The workshop-seminar took place online on BigBlueButton.


The workshop-seminar focused on the following topics:


Time Speaker Title
Friday, June 18, 2021
14:00-14:50 Alexey Golovnev Covariant and pure tetrad approaches to modified teleparallel gravity
15:00-15:25 Emmanuel Saridakis Spherically symmetric solutions in covariant and pure tetrad formulation of f(T) gravity - I
15:25-15:50 Xin Ren Spherically symmetric solutions in covariant and pure tetrad formulation of f(T) gravity - II
16:00-16:50 Martin Krššák Covariance of Teleparallel Theories and Gravitational Energy-Momentum
17:00-17:50 Jose Beltrán Jiménez Strong coupling in teleparallel theories
Monday, June 21, 2021
12:00-12:50 James M. Nester Local symmetries and physical degrees of freedom in f(T) gravity: a Dirac Hamiltonian constraint analysis
13:00-13:50 María José Guzmán Primary constraints in covariant teleparallel gravity
14:00-14:25 Christian Pfeifer Weitzenböck geometry
14:25-14:50 Manuel Hohmann A geometric view on gauge transformations and Lorentz invariance
15:00-15:50 Discussion / Conclusions


  1. Fotis Anagnostopoulos
  2. Sebastian Bahamonde
  3. Cecilia Bejarano
  4. Jose Beltrán Jiménez
  5. Milutin Blagojević
  6. Daniel Blixt
  7. Christian G. Böhmer
  8. Yi-Fu Cai
  9. Fernando Lessa Carneiro
  10. Konstantinos Dialektopoulos
  11. Rafael Ferraro
  12. Viktor Gakis
  13. Priidik Gallagher
  14. Jorge Gigante Valcarcel
  15. Alexey Golovnev
  16. Mercè Guerrero
  17. María José Guzmán
  18. Manuel Hohmann
  19. Damianos Iosifidis
  20. Laur Järv
  21. Erik Jensko
  22. Ken Kim
  23. Seongtag Kim
  24. Georgios Kofinas
  25. Tomi Koivisto
  26. Martin Krššák
  27. Paul Kumar
  28. Jackson Levi Said
  29. Wei Luo
  30. José Wadih Maluf
  31. Bivudutta Mishra
  32. James Nester
  33. Yuri Obukhov
  34. Laxmipriya Pati
  35. Jose Pereira
  36. Christian Pfeifer
  37. Xin Ren
  38. Margus Saal
  39. Emmanuel Saridakis
  40. Alexey Toporensky
  41. Charalampos Tzerefos
  42. Ulbossyn Ualikhanova
  43. Sérgio Costa Ulhoa
  44. Aneta Wojnar
  45. Yaqi Zhao


This conference was supported by the Estonian Research Council This conference was supported by the University of Tartu This conference was supported by the EU Regional Development Fund