Laboratory of Theoretical Physics - applications

General information

The Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the Institute of Physics of the University of Tartu, Estonia is looking for candidates to apply for a 2-year postdoctoral position. The research focus lies on:

The positions depend on external funding and the applications will be processed in two stages. In the first stage, all applications will be reviewed by the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at the University of Tartu. Then the selected candidates and the University of Tartu will apply for funding. The final decision on the funding will be made by the respective agencies.

The positions will be held in conjunction with the Estonian centre of excellence in research "The Dark Side of the Universe" (TK133) and the grant "Gauge gravity: unification, extensions and phenomenology" (PRG356), and aligned with the COST action "Quantum Gravity Phenomenology in the multi-messenger approach (QGMM)".

All applications for the aforementioned positions must be submitted electronically via the forms below. All documents from the applicant, except for the recommendation letters, must be combined into a single PDF file of at most 8 MB size. The recommendation letters must be uploaded separately, and also in the PDF format.

Postdoctoral position

The postdoctoral grant is expected to amount to approx. 51000€ per year (40800€ direct research costs and 10200€ overhead for the host institution) and 5500€ relocation support. Applicants must have a PhD degree or equivalent, awarded not earlier than 01. January 2016, and not later than 31. December 2021. Applications for the postdoctoral position must include:

The deadline for the postdoctoral application is Monday, 04. January 2021, 05:59 GMT. Further details on the external funding and grant amount to be applied for can be found on the programme's website: Post-doctoral researcher grant.

There is currently no open call for Postdoc applications. The deadline for the last call was Monday, 04. January 2021, 05:59 GMT.


In case of questions or technical problems, please contact the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics at