Geometric Foundations of Gravity 2021

Geometric Foundations of Gravity 2021

This conference was supported by the EU Regional Development Fund

is a conference dedicated to the geometric foundations of gravity theories that will take place on June 28 - July 2, 2021 in Tartu, Estonia. This conference is a continuation of a series of earlier conferences and workshops on the same subject.

The main topics include:

  • Extensions of General Relativity (metric affine gravity, Poincare gauge gravity, scalar/vector/tensor gravity, teleparallel gravity, massive gravity, bi-metric gravity, …)
  • Astrophysics in Extended Gravity (black holes, ordinary/neutron/boson/grava stars, gravitational waves, strings, wormholes, binary systems, …)
  • Cosmology in Extended Gravity (dynamical system analysis, observations and constraints, dark energy, dark matter, inflation, early universe, galaxies, …)
  • Beyond Lorentzian Geometry in Classical and Quantum Gravity (doubly/deformed relativity, standard model extension, Hamilton geometry, Finsler geometry, …).

Due to the current situation of the pandemic, the conference will be made fully accessible online, and there is no official on-site program. All conference presentations will take place fully online. Collaborative visits to Tartu are still welcome on an individual basis, taking into account the current travel restrictions, and free of charge, since there are no community events.

The conference is organized by the gravity research group at the Laboratory of Theoretical Physics, Institute of Physics, University of Tartu.

Invited Speakers

  • Jose Beltrán Jiménez (Salamanca, Spain)
  • Vitor Cardoso (Lisbon, Portugal)
  • Pedro G. Ferreira (Oxford, United Kingdom)
  • Stefano Liberati (Trieste, Italy)
  • Gonzalo Olmo (Valencia, Spain)
  • Dirk Puetzfeld (Bremen, Germany)
  • Alexei Starobinsky (Moscow, Russia)

Organising Committee

  • Sebastián Bahamonde
  • Jorge Gigante Valcárcel
  • Manuel Hohmann
  • Laur Järv
  • Tomi Koivisto
  • Martin Krššák
  • Christian Pfeifer
  • João Luís Rosa
  • Margus Saal
  • Aneta Wojnar
This conference was supported by the Estonian Research Council This conference was supported by the University of Tartu This conference was supported by the city of Tartu